Welcome to my online website that I built from scratch, well actually I had a lot of help from the WordPress software but I installed it myself! and I am very proud.


I never imagined that I would one day become a blogger, but after my smoking buddies moved away I didn’t really have anyone to talk to you about smoking herbs and enjoying bongs; which I missed! Going from having large smoke sessions with friends to blazing on your own can be a little lonely. And then after visiting some forums I realised that there was nothing wrong with having online friends who smoked too! I met some really cool guys and girls online forums.

I don’t want to overly spam my personal day to day activities to people who don’t want to hear it, so running my own blog felt like the perfect option to outlet my lust for herb talk. I hope you enjoy following my blog and I plan to update it every week or so at the very least. You can count on lots of pictures of all the bongs I buy online to play a big part in this website.


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