Finding the Perfect Cannabis Seeds for Sale

cannabis seeds
To many people the answer to this question will slightly differ, but for the majority I am about to hit the nail on the head. When going out to buy cannabis seeds there is just a huge and crazy range to pick from. With sale lines such as ‘fast flowering, feminized seeds’ on nearly every product it starts to feel impossible to make the right decision. To complicate things further you will notice how crazy expensive some of them are, and how strangely cheap feminized cannabis seeds can be picked up from. As little as $6 a seed from a pick’n’mix shop.

What growers want from their cannabis seeds

The main points are:

  • Blueberry Seeds
  • High Yielding Seeds
  • Quick Flowering

The sweet scent of blueberry is always a huge positive for the majority of marijuana smokers. With petitions all over the world to legalize the herb one would think legalization is right upon us.

So we want high yielding seeds, this may sound obvious to some but let me explain this choice. To properly grow cannabis it takes 4 months, that is a very long wait, we do not want to go this long and end up with a tiny bit of weed, even if it is a really nice smoke we will need more fruits for our labour!

Cannabis seeds should also be quick flowering. Obviously if you pick a sativa strain then quick flowering seeds are not much of an option, these strains are known to take up to 16 weeks to finish indoors! That makes the second rule of high yielding even more important because the wait can become half a year! That is a serious wait, not to mention if you have no marijuana to smoke in the mean time.

With new strain crosses of cannabis seeds for sale becoming available in seed shops every week it is important to pick a brand that is well known, has plenty of glowing reviews and preferably has been in the trade for some time. While I like to follow these rules I would not always advise it, I am sure there are plenty of unknown gems on marijuana seeds being sold that not many people have bothered to try, which could turn out to be some potent herb. If you have a medical card and are allowed enough plants then I would maybe go for a pick and mix and try a load crop of different stuff.
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How bad is Smoking these days?

man smoking

I remember the 1970’s when everyone smoked without a second thought. No one really had any idea how bad it was, I mean, breathing in smoke would never be healthy but not a single person expected it to be quite as bad as it is made out to be today. I try to keep up to date with the new facts on smoking so that I keep using my vaporizer! the gov website explains some of the research going on today, give it a read and then turn to your bongs and vaporizers!