How to buy the highest quality glass bongs around

glass bong

Glass bongs come in all shapes, colours and size. But what is going to be the best option for your personal preference? Will one high quality glass water pipe be perfect for every user? or do you need to think about different statistics and make comparisons to others. Don’t worry, they all give the same end result and utilize water to make that smoke as cold as possible, you need to listen to me because I have been using these water pipes for over five years and have tested out well over 15 bongs in my time. So if you are ready to buy glass bongs over the internet then you can get all the information you need right here on my blog. Even if this is your first ever glass bong then don’t worry as lower down the page is a quick description on how to use these glass pipes.

What makes glass bongs better

Glass gives the best tasting smoke you can ever imagine. Some people can’t understand that smoke can easily be made smoother and also the opposite. It all depends on its journey, you want the smoke to glide effortlessly so if you imagine plastic, it is smooth but not like glass. When smoke comes in to contact with glass it just glides along without any friction whatsoever. This creates a certain type of magic which you will see for yourself if you ever buy a glass bong. Or if you have a friend that owns one you could always ask for a go, but be careful, glass is fragile!

How to use a glass bong to smoke weed

So, glass bongs are pretty much all the same. They have the main pipe, a downstem and a bowl. Now depending on your model the downstem might already be built in to the bong, in this case you just need to insert the bowl. In other cases your bowl and downstem might be permanently joined, this is normally the case for cheap glass bongs. They might slide in to the main bong via a rubber grommet or they might use a glass on glass joint.

After inserting these bits in to the bong you simply add water to the main pipe, not too much though, just enough so that the downstem is submerged in the water. Now grind down your herbs and put them in the bongs bowl, place your mouth over the main pipe and begin to suck. This creates a vacuum, whilst doing this put a flame to the herbs in the bowl and watch the smoke enter the bong. Cover the top pipe with your hand, take a new breath and then uncover the bong. Suck all the smoke out! Some users remove the bowl when sucking the smoke out to make it easier, your choice. If you begin coughing whilst smoking then check out our guide at the previous link :)