Learning what a Bong is…


The first time I ever saw a bong, I Literally had no idea what it was or what it could be used for. In my head I just saw it as a sort of bottle shaped clear plastic. With this curiosity in my mind I decided to do a bit of research on what a ‘Bong’ actually is. Here’s what I found:

A bong is a filtration device used to smoke herbal substances such as marijuana and tobacco. People like to use bongs over just roll ups because it’s a different ‘high’ experience.
Also using a bong filters out a lot of the bad chemicals that could potentially cause harm to you.

When using a bong you need to put some water inside. Not too much, but not too little either. The colder the water, the better, you can add ice if you like. The water is to cleanse the smoke, thus making it better for you than just smoking it using filter papers or pipes.

Bongs can make for a fun social experience as they come in all different, shapes, sizes, styles and types. You can easily purchase a variety of bongs and various other smoking paraphernalia online.

Three main reasons why you should use a bong for smoking

This is a quick briefing to help new smokers understand which design of bongs are better for their personal needs. There are so many different styles for sale on the market that it can be very hard for a newcomer to pick and choose which water pipe is best for their needs.

My first tip to any new, would be to visit online head shop and take a good look around. Online smoke shops like herbtools have all of their products separated in a very convenient way, this would be a great place to look at you will easily be able to identify what type of bongs are currently available on the smoking market.

The most common material used is plastic and glass, for new users you will be better off with a cheap plastic bong for smoking as it will be durable and last you a long time, but remember to clean her!

cannabis smoking
cannabis smoking

Remember, cannabis smoking should be purely for medicinal benefits and not abused by the user. Enjoy your herb responsibly!