There are many different types of bongs available to be purchased over the Internet and in your your local bong shops.

branded bongs - grace glassI am not sure why, maybe people are simple minded, but there is a very popular question which is what is the best bong? Now this question has no answer it is just down to preference, I mean if you think the best bong is whatever has been purchased more then I guess it could be answered but it wouldn’t really be correct as many people prefer to just buy cheap bongs rather than spend money on something which is most likely higher quality and gives a better smoking experience.

I like to attempt to buy bongs by following a few certain Rules come up and you will do well to listen and remember them:

1. If you like to take small hits then buy a small bong, but if you like to take larger hits then buy a larger bong

2. Always stick to glass when you buy a bong as these will always give the smoothest and cleanest hit

3. Don’t just buy a bong because it is expensive, you should also consider some of the cheap bongs for sale as many of them will do a great job, they will last you long into the future.
glass bongs with percolator
Now these three rules are extremely simple and may have been obvious to some but when it comes to a smokers first time buying a bong it can be very useful to keep them in mind, especially the point about the price as you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds or dollars.

Bong Shop

If you go to a good bong shop there might be a lot of use of terminology that you do not know, but have no fear, you can simply make things easy by just looking at the pictures and getting a bong that looks nice and appeals to your aims. You should also check reviews for the shop you pick to buy your bong from as sending glass in the post is always risky business due to its fragile nature. But any experienced online bong shop will insure that the packaging is adequate for the safe arrival of your new glass bong.